Welcome to the Aerie!

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Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to the Aerie, the gleaming tower of my insights, thoughts, ideas and dark brooding; the high cliffs from which I gaze from upon high and view the world that is my canvas!

For those of you who know me on the web, I often go by the monicker of Foxfeather, the Flying Fox!  In my everyday life, however, my friends and family know me as Kent.  I hope you like my website.  Please feel free to look about and comment as you like.  Who knows?  You might find something out about me that surprises you! 

The links above will take you on a guided tour of my website, blog, forum, galleries, etc.  Here you will find all manner of information regarding my interest, writings, and my own personal artwork.  Everything here is available for viewing.  All I ask is that if you show, take, borrow, filch of steal anything of mine that is personal to the world, that you credit me for it (or I will hunt you down!). 

Thanks to all, and enjoy The Aerie! 


This site is brought you by Foxfeather the flying fox!

a.k.a. Kent Whittington.


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