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Lil' Ghost and the Phantom Faire

Posted by Kent Whittington on March 9, 2012 at 4:45 PM

One more for the compilation.  I hope you all enjoy.  Please feel free to comment as I love constructive criticism.  :)

Lil’ Ghost and the Phantom Faire

by Kent Whittington


Lil’ Ghost rose up from his grave,

Out for a midnight stroll,

The moon was full and the night begun,

Daylight had taken it’s toll.


The graveyard ghosts were all about,

A thrill was in the air.

They all had gathered from far and wide

To attend the Phantom Faire.


“Come one! Come all!” the barker cried,

“Come see a spectacular show!

There’s nothing like it on heaven or earth!

Bring everyone that you know!”


Lil’ Ghost floated up to the tent,

And pulled the veil aside,

Eager to see what wonders it held,

And what mysteries lay inside.


“Welcome one and welcome all!”

The ringmaster said with a bow,

“Welcome to the Phantom Faire!

The show begins right now!


“If I may direct your attention to the center ring,

The clowns are out to play!

They’ll start our show with gags, and pranks,

They’re sure to make your day!”


A tiny car drove up real slow

And with a wheeze did it stopped in its section,

When from inside flew fifty clowns

From the car in all directions!


The ghostly clowns spread all about

the ring, the stage, the seats!

Entertaining the happy crowd

With their wondrous comical feats.


“How do we pack our clowns,” one asked,

“In that car in the center ring?”

“It’s easy,” said another fellow,

“When one doesn’t weigh a thing!”


One clown hovered up to Lil’ Ghost,

Presenting a flower with quiet grace,

But when Lil’ Ghost leaned in to sniff

It squirted water right through his face!


The Acrobats were next in line

Swinging with such agility,

No one could doubt their high flying skill,

Nor their acrobatic ability.


If they were living they’d be death-defying,

But there was nothing to fear or dread.

Death defying stunts aren’t quite as grand

When one is already dead!


The lion tamer was up next,

And his phantom lion did roar!

The whip went crack, the lion reared,

And the crowd cried out for more.


The tamer brought out a shining ring,

A giant silver-moon loop,

The lion was made to dance and prance

As it jumped right through the hoop.


Lil’ Ghost enjoyed the entire  show,

And left with a smile on his face,

But the night was still so very young,

And there were other sights to grace.


He wandered to the midway,

For games of skill to try

He hoped to try a game of skill

To try and win a prize.


“Come try your luck,” the carney said

“Three balls for a dollar, you see?

If you can knock the bottles down

You’ll get a prize from me!”


Lil’ Ghost threw out the first two balls,

And missed with every one,

But the third ball hit and the bottles went crack!

His prize had just been won.


“Here you go,” said the carney with a smile on his face,

“A stuffed tiger that’s bigger than you!”

Lil’ Ghost smile grew wide as he took

A huge tiger all colored in blue.


Wandering down the midway

With Tiger Blue in hand,

He heard the wonderful musical sounds.

Of a hauntingly musical band.


The drummer banged a solid beat,

Repeating the four-four time,

He kept the rhythm even and smooth

For the band to play in the line.


The trombone blared a jazzy note

That got the crowd a-clapping,

A tuba added his baritone

And got their feet to tapping.


The trumpeter he jumped about

In a wild and madly prance,

His notes brought music to the streets

As he got the crowd to dance.


“Come join the fun,” the conductor said,

“We’ve room for everyone!

We’ll march along the graveyard path

and dance until night is done!”


Lil’ Ghost rose up and joined the line

Of spirits on the street,

He twirled and spun and kept the count

Of the bands most jazzy beat.


How he danced and sang the night away

How he laughed and made everyone smile

Lil’ Ghost and the others had great fun

While slowly, all the while...


The moon grew low upon the sky

And a glow on the horizon begun

The Phantom Faire had reached its end

And with sunrise the the night was done.


“The Faire has closed! Go home now folks!”

The barker cried with a tear,

“But don’t you worry a single bit!

‘Cause we’ll all be back next year!


“You’ll see the show again, my friends!

And dance and sing and play!

But, for now, go home and get some rest

Before we reach the day!”


The crowd dispersed as the sun grew large,

Each headed for their crypt, grave or tomb,

And Lil’ Ghost, with a weary sigh,

Floated off into the gloom.


He found his grave and did descend

Before daylight had reached the land,

There to dream of clowns and lions

And blue tigers and loud jazzy bands.

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