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The Goblinfolk

Posted by Kent Whittington on February 23, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Having had so much fun with the last story I wrote, I have decided to do a few more short tales in verse.  Below is a cautionary tale reminiscent of the old folk tales  about faeries who spirit people away.  I hope you find it enjoyable (and informative!).

Please feel free to let me know what you thought of it.  Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy.  :)

The Goblinfolk

by Kent Whittington


If you enter the woods

On a black, gloomy day,

Be careful the goblinfolk

Don’t take you away.


If you travel too far

In the deep forest gloom,

They’ll surprise you for certain

And then seal your doom.


They’ll troop in great numbers,

They’ll March and they’ll stomp,

They’ll scream and they’ll scare you,

They’ll laugh and they’ll romp.


You’ll flee far and wide,

Getting lost in the dark,

But you’ll never outrun them

Once they have your mark.


You’ll be bound up in briars,

Then they’ll take you in tow,

And drag you, deep down,

To their kingdom below.


They’ll poke and they’ll proud you,

They’ll gnash their sharp teeth,

They’ll kick you and pinch you

While you’re underneath.


And once you are tender,

The goblinfolk sing!

For now comes the hour

To come before their king.


The king, he will mock you

Upon his tall throne,

All polished and white,

Shining, glittering bone.

“Well, what have we here?”

He might say with great menace,

“A young Christian soul

In need of great penance?”


He’ll leer with great cunning

As his wobble and roll,

And he’ll mutter this phrase,

“Why, I’ll save your soul


In a jar!” he will bellow

While his court laughs with glee,

Then he’ll turn out a pocket

And produce one, you see?


Then he’ll bid the goblinfolk

To bind you down tight,

Then, the king, he will hold

That jar up to the light


And reach way down deep

From your head to your knees

And, with one wrenching tug

He’ll pull your soul free!


For your soul is their barter

For goods and for trade,

But it’s your body they want

For a new Goblin to be made.


For goblins are soulless

And can raise them no kin,

So the goblins make new ones

From lost human beings.


So be warned now, young traveller

If you're to the forest today,

For the goblinfolk may come

And take you away!

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