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The Jackson Thorpe Mysteries are a series of novels that I conceived several years ago.  The stories center around the exploits of Jackson Thorpe (JT to his friends and neighbors) who works out of the city of Aleister Cove as a private investigator.  This is his occupation, but his devotion is to Pagan Arts.  Jackson is a witch, a practicioner of the magical arts who also happens to be the high priest of an ancient order of supernatural hunters dating back to the time of his ancestor, Mearlyn (the Merlin of the Arthurian Tales).  Together with his team, known as the Cohorts (Andrew Bell, hacker extraordinaire, and his A.I., Frankenstein, along with Wilhelmina "Ham" Abraham, metalurgist and weaponsmith) and the vampire, Arrianna De Morney, of the Order of the Sanguine de Christi, he is the last bastion against the dark supernatural forces that plague the Earth...


...too bad he doesn't want the job.


I am currently working on the first book in the series, titled Crimson Cove and it is also this year's Nanowrimo project for 2010 (see my blog for details on that).  I plan to follow up this with two more books to date, Dire Moon and Shadowfall.

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